• Jayson M. Thornton

5 Types of People Who Really Need a Tax Advisor

Updated: Jun 17, 2018

In certain situations, it’s obvious that certain people really need an accountant, here’s a list of the top five that could use your professional services the most:

1. They’ve been audited before. As above, they are on the radar screen over at the IRS.

2. They are hopeless at keeping records. Someone must do it for them. They are prepared to pay for the service.

3. They haven’t filed taxes in several years. Now the IRS has caught up with them. They need expert help on their side.

4. They owe the government money. The longer they delay facing up to the problem, the more expensive it will be.

5. People with a side income. These are the people that consult; a teacher who works during the summer; someone who sells lots of stuff on e-Bay; or formally retired and collecting Social Security, yet also receive a paycheck.

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